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  • Puppy Walking

  • During our visits, we will:

    • Take your pup outside into your yard for a stretch and potty break, 
    • Clean up waste produced,
    • Refill their food dish if needed,
    • Refill their water dish,
    • Give them a goodie or treat (with approval), and
    • Write you a daily visit report, or send an email or text message with a picture.
  • So you just got your puppy, and you're itching to take the little bundle of joy for a neighbourhood walk to show them off. Nothing to it, right? You bought that new collar and all you need to do is make sure it isn't too tight and away you go.

    Maybe not so fast.

    Veterinarians recommend that we keep our pups away from dog parks and avoid walking outside your home area until they've had all their core vaccinations. We can still walk your puppy around your apartment or yard during potty breaks, and get them used to a collar and leash.

    If your puppy has all their vaccinations and is ready to tackle the big world, we will be thrilled to show them off in the neighbourhood or park. Patience is the key with puppy walking or training. It is important for puppies to socialize with other dogs for puppies to play and learn behaviours. It is very important they begin to interact in a controlled environment with suitable dogs that exhibit good behavior.

    It's nice meeting a friendly dog that is well socialized and obeys commands when needed. Chances are someone spent a lot of time with them as a puppy, walking them and developing these great qualities while using a lot of patience.

    Our walkers will take the time to reinforce your puppy’s learning program when we spend time with them, in a patient and rewarding way.