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  • Overnight Stays

  • We offer overnight pet sitting services in your home, or ours.

    Overnight stays in your home include:

    • Daily updates, 
    • Dispensing medication if needed,
    • Removal of pet waste,
    • Freshening water,
    • Feeding,
    • Retrieving mail,
    • Watering plants,
    • Rotating lights,
    • Closing blinds,
    • Curbing garbage cans, and
    • Dog walks and potty breaks.

    Or, drop your pet off to stay with us in one of our loving, friendly and secure family homes. This includes a visit to the home with your pet ahead of time to ensure it's a good fit for everyone.

  • Hiring a professional pet sitter vs. boarding your pet

    Boarding facilities, such as doggy daycares, can be over stimulating for your pets. There are many, many pets to oversee in a boarding facility, and your pets risk being exposed to illnesses of other pets. 

    A pet sitter will focus solely on your pets. We'll will also tend to your home, so it’s not obvious that you aren’t there.

    Plenty of snuggles, cuddles, belly rubs and sweet dreams as well!

    We are professional in how we look after your home in your absence. We are bonded and insured.