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  • Dog Walking

  • During our visits, we will:

    • Take your dog for a refreshing walk in your neighbourhood, 
    • Clean up waste produced,
    • Refill their food dish if needed,
    • Refill their water dish,
    • Give them a goodie or treat (with approval), and
    • Write you a daily visit report, or send an email or text message with a picture.
  • Dogs naturally love to exercise and socialize. Big or small, dogs benefit from having one-on-one time, being outdoors, and wearing off their built up energy. They love to stretch their legs, sniff, observe their surroundings and be stimulated. Whether your dog is a senior who can use the exercise to keep joints mobilized and muscle tone strengthened, or you have a young dog who has a lot of energy to use up each day, our dog walking services provide your dog with a much-needed outlet.

    Why would I hire a professional dog walker?

    Want to avoid dog walking in the rain, cold or extreme heat?
    Do you prefer giving belly rubs rather than taking your dog to a dog park?
    Isn’t eating lunch more satisfying than coming home to let the dog out?

    If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, a dog walker would be ideal for you. Schedule your free consultation today.

    Potty breaks

    You may have a new puppy who needs to be kept on schedule with potty training, or your dogs just need a short break out in their own yard. We offer efficient potty break visits.

    Why choose Burlington Dogs for your dog walking or pet sitting needs?

    We love to laugh, but we take caring for your pets very seriously.
    We are good at what we do and we love it!
    The benefit for our clients is that we can offer consistency in care.
    We are loving pet owners ourselves, experienced and responsible.
    We gave up other career choices to do what we love…in all weather conditions.

    We can make your dog’s day better till you return.